The Wedge


To say my D.I.Y skills are limited would be an understatement! Helping demolish things though, is one thing I definitely can do! I was recently asked to help ‘take down’ a summerhouse, but this thing had clearly been built well. It was made up of several strong individual panels, each one tightly interlocked with the next. The plan of attack, was unanimously agreed… Take crowbars, and use them to drive a wedge between each panel, pushing them apart. Away we went and then… Crash!!! First the roof came in, along with the guy who’d been up on it! That hurt!! Then the walls came down! Driving a wedge, left things in pieces!

It’s interesting how when we hear of relationships breaking down; people often talk about something that (quote) ‘drove a wedge between them.’ Just like that summerhouse, it caused a division, pushed them apart, spoiled things, and now it’s in pieces.

When God first created man and woman, they’d walk with God, talk with Him, enjoy His company and He theirs. Their relationship was strong! It was good! But a day came when they stopped listening to God, and they followed after what they wanted. They sinned. The result? A wedge was driven between them and God, pushing them apart. Sin spoilt their relationship, caused a division, and things came crashing down!

That’s what sin does, and the Bible says we’ve ‘all sinned’. We’ve all driven this wedge between ourselves and God!

God never wanted that! He loves us, longs for a close relationship with us, wants to one day welcome us into heaven, to spend eternity together, but what we see is our sin keeps us apart.

There’s good news though! Jesus gave His life on the cross to remove the wedge of sin! He done it, because God loves you too much to leave things the way they are!

You can know God! Have a close relationship with Him! Feel His love! Know He is with you! Be certain that one day He will welcome you into heaven! How? Get the wedge that separates you from all of that, removed!

How? Put your trust in Jesus, ask Him to forgive your sins, and ask Him into your heart. 1 Pet 3:18 ‘Christ also suffered once for sins, the just for the unjust, that He might bring us to God.’

Darryl Mallet
Pastor – KLCF

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