A prayer of welcome

A Prayer of Welcome.
Dear Lord Jesus Christ, I read of a prophecy that you will return this year, 2016. When I mentioned it to a priest he said in a kindly way that it wasn’t for us to know when you would return. But when you do return, heal us, that we may welcome you.
I know that you are welcoming Lord. Recently I asked local church leaders to hold eight days of prayer for Christian Unity. This is an annual event which gives people the chance to visit other churches of other denominations and pray with their congregations. In previous years the Orthodox Church have hosted the Saturday meeting, but this year they were not able to do this so I asked the Revd Canon James Nash and he generously agreed to organise a thirty minute service at St Mary’s Church in the Woottons. When I arrived for the service I was welcomed by Revd James as was everyone else. I sat in a pew and the Revd James came up to speak to me. ‘There is a lady at the back of the church who says that you saved her life’ he said to me.

I took this to be your welcome Lord. Of course we all know that it wasn’t me but you who saved the lady’s life. We all know that you are the God of Hosts and countless people have made it possible for her life to be saved. All those who have suffered illness, researched illness, worked for the NHS or associated services, paid taxes to fund the NHS, or prayed for or visited a relative or friend who is sick. I was just part of a huge team.

In a way I am expecting you to come to King’s Lynn in 2016 Lord. A team of people under the Churches Together umbrella are organising an event called ‘Celebrate King’s Lynn’ http://www.celebratekingslynn.com/ to be held on Saturday 11th June between 10am and 4pm in the Walks in King’s Lynn. This event is an opportunity for churches in King’s Lynn to show the public what they do. There will be stalls run by the church people, music, sports, children’s games, food, prayer, information and a chance for people to ask church goers what church is all about. Above all I would like each King’s Lynn person to feel welcome and at home there because we are celebrating you Lord. We won’t see the resurrection there but our spirits will be lifted and our relationships renewed by you.
Peter Coates, secretary of Churches Together in King’s Lynn.

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