I know a man who can

18_1304000335_3012_300_300Do you remember the AA advert in the 1980’s? Typically there was someone who had broken down in their car, a child would ask, “dad, can you fix it?”and the reply would come, “No, but I know a man who can”. Their slogan was – “the AA, we’re all you need to know”. Mankind has made some great achievements – in architecture, science, technology, literature, law, exploration, the arts. There is so much we CAN do. I’m sure we would all have different ideas about the greatest achievements of mankind – personally I think central heating is high on my list, with chocolate close behind! Although we wouldn’t personally claim to be able to do all these things, we could say in many instances that “we know a man (or woman) who can”. But there is still much man can’t do – cure the common cold for example. And what about the deeper issues of life and death? The Bible says that no-one can make themselves right with God. We have all messed up, failed, got it wrong. But I’m so glad that I know a man who can! Jesus is the only man who can take away our sin (wrongs) and make a way for us to be friends with God. I can’t heal my body or my mind – but Jesus can. I can’t cope with life – but Jesus is my strength, my hope, my peace, my security. Today, you too can “know a man who can”!

Wendy Hill
King’s Lynn Christian Fellowship

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