What hurts the most?

Over the summer, we asked hundreds of local people “What hurts the most?” as part of a Norfolk wide mission called “Who cares?”. Churches care about what hurts the most, because God cares. The results were fascinating and heartbreaking. Each area of Norfolk had slightly different hurts. In West Norfolk, one man wrote, “What hurts the most? Watching my wife suffer from brain cancer.” Others recorded loneliness and relationship pain, while another woman shared about losing her child over two years ago.
More than 13 percent of residents suffer from relationship issues,  while another 12 percent deal with the death of a friend or loved one on a daily basis. The results ran the gamut from abuse and racism to family issues and work problems, but all had one thing in common: they simply need someone to care.
As churches we do care and we believe that God has the answers to our every need and pain – There is hope. Jesus Christ came with a message of hope, reconciliation and healing. He died and rose again to prove it. If you need someone to care for what hurts the most, why not check out a local church this Sunday or take a look at http://www.who-cares.org.uk/who-cares-near-me/

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