1422899_10436078Worry, fear and anger, three feelings for me that I’ve always seemed to struggle most with, three things you could say I’ve felt captive to, like they’ve always had something of a hold over me! There are lots of different things that can have that same affect on people’s lives.
Whatever the issue, if you know that feeling, then you no doubt have the same desire I did, the desire to be free from them. Yet I struggled to ever find the freedom or peace I craved. That was until I met Jesus who came He said ‘to proclaim liberty to the captives’, freedom!
The world is filled with great people who can offer us help to try and find ways of living and coping with the things that have a negative hold over us but Christ says He offers us liberty!
Liberty is a beautiful word, defined as ‘freedom from control, interference, restriction, hampering conditions.’ More than having to try and live with and cope with these things, Christ offers us liberty from them in every meaning of the word.
Are you in search of real freedom and peace? John 8:36 says ‘if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed’ and Rom 15:3 tells us we are filled with all joy and peace as we trust in Jesus.
Friend, you can end your search right here, true freedom and peace can be yours today, through a relationship with Jesus Christ!
Darryl Mallet
Assistant Pastor – KLCF

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