Jesus is not politically correct

A recent newspaper article recorded the resignation of Sir Paul Coleridge, an eminent high court judge for daring to publicly support traditional marriage as the ideal environment for raising children, an opinion supported by statistics. He had spent years in the high court, presiding over many divorce cases and had seen the effects of the breakups on the children, but because he expressed his opinions, he was reprimanded by the Lord Chief Justice and on protesting, was reprimanded again, prompting his resignation. I thought, how sad, in a country famed for its freedom of speech and expression!
But then I was reminded of Jesus Christ. If ever there was a man who spoke his mind, it was he! He was utterly un-PC. He was only interested in truth and he spoke it fearlessly. He was totally opposed to hypocrisy and falsehood, to the proud and the arrogant, while reaching out to the poor, the sick, the needy and the broken-hearted with compassion and healing.
But he was hated for it, beaten, lashed and crucified. The worst atrocities man could devise were executed against him and yet, as he died, he could say “Father, forgive them!” That’s why the Bible says “He bore our sins in his own body on the cross” so that as we trust and believe in him, we can know God’s forgiveness and peace.
He has changed countless millions of lives and is still doing so today – what a man!

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