Just a crutch?

Coloured-crutches“Your faith is just a crutch,” is an accusation that has been levelled at me before. It is has been one of those things that presses my buttons. No one likes the thought of being unable to stand on their own two feet. I haven’t been a burden to anyone and have worked hard to get where I am! But as I gain wisdom from my life experiences I look around at other people. What is a crutch? Well, anything that supports you and helps take the weight off a tiring and sometimes difficult life. Perhaps it is the drink that helps you unwind at the end of the day or week. Or the mates that you catch up with in the pub or the football field. Perhaps it is the dogged commitment to your club, your golf or your ageing relative that gives you a sense of pride or duty.

Is there anything wrong with a crutch? Well, that depends, but when you bring God into the equation you are starting to rely on someone else bigger than yourself. It’s the point you start to admit that I don’t really have it all together. Is it easy? Not at first – but perhaps it is time to admit, at least to myself, that everyone has a crutch. So yes it is a crutch – a loving God who wants the best for me, his Son prepared to die on a cross for me – what an awesome crutch!

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