Parable of the Talents

Sometimes, schools or voluntary organisations give members money to increase their funds. For example, the cash might be used to buy the ingredients to make cakes, whose sale makes a profit for the school or club.

This is not a new idea. In St Matthew’s Gospel there is the story, or parable, of the talents, in which a master gives differing amounts of money to servants according to their abilities.

Two servants invest the money and each doubles it. Although they each start with different amounts, they both receive the same praise because they each produce one hundred per cent return.

The servant of least ability, however, buries the money for fear of losing it. Instead of praising him for being careful, the master is furious.

He was angry because the servant had allowed fear to paralyse him. The servant was so afraid of losing the money that he would not even risk investing the money.

The Lord has entrusted lots of things to us: money, natural ability, spiritual gifts. Whatever we are involved in – work, our family, helping others – the aim should be to develop, increase, and grow what God has given us, for his honour and glory.

This means taking risks and refusing to let the fear of failure and ridicule stop us from pursuing success. In this way we express our gratitude to God for all that He has given us by making our talents grow.

Increase our talents. Could this be our New Year resolution?

John Cairns, King’s Lynn Catholic Church.

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