Walking into things

Walking around town, I am fascinated by roofs and chimneys – hence I have the embarrassing habit of walking into things – which can hurt! – or into people, which is not the best way of saying hello! Recently I walked around the town centre with a friend and saw places and buildings I had never noticed in the 37 years of living in King’s Lynn – and again, whilst out with my wife I can say ‘How long has that been there? Is it new?’ – ‘About 2 years!’ is the exasperated reply. Oh dear!
I suppose the same can apply to the people we know – or think we know. We often see only what we want to see or expect to see. There are frequently depths, skills and ‘good’ points about them that we miss – especially if they tend to be grumpy, moaning or always complaining about something. Looking for the positive can be a challenge but in my experience the effort is often rewarded with new and sometimes grateful friendship. It doesn’t mean I think I’m perfect. I am as flawed as everyone else is, but in my own unique way. What I find challenging is to always look for the good in someone, because everyone of us has good in us.
I read, only this morning, a text in the Psalms which says – ‘I am sure I shall the Lord’s goodness in the land of the living.’ And I suppose that’s what I really believe and try and act upon. I don’t always succeed but I like to think always try.

John Belfield, Deacon in the Catholic Parish in King’s Lynn

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