Would you care to join me?

postcardI am enjoying such peace here, and I am completely free from any worry or anxiety. The weather here has been very unsettled and cool as I write, but that doesn’t  rob me of my contentment. Where am I? I’m at home in North West Norfolk!

Am I living in a fantasy world, completely oblivious to what is going on around me? No, I am well aware of the bad news that pours from our TV sets every day. Have I lived a “charmed life” so far? No, I have known my share of family tragedy, but I have a connection, and I don’t mean the internet.

I enjoy a close, personal relationship with God; I am on first name terms with the         Creator of the universe, not as a special privilege, but because I accepted the offer that He has made to everyone, in the Bible. My daily life is lived in contact with Him and under His protection, and my eternal destiny is absolutely assured, not because I deserve to be with Jesus in heaven, but because He took the punishment for all my wrongdoing and failure by dying on a cross, and I asked Him to include me in that forgiveness.

So I have every reason to be free of worry and anxiety, having a Heavenly Father who is so powerful, and so compassionate and kind, and His offer really is open to everyone. Would you care to join me?


Jeff Trimingham

King’s Lynn Christian Fellowship

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