Frustration from
Frustration from

Have you ever had that feeling that you really want to thump someone. Have you ever been so
frustrated at a situation, or a person that all of your civilised 21st century ways go out the window
and you just want to punch someone?
When Jesus came into the Temple and saw what people were using the house of God for –
money lending, trading and similar, he was so frustrated, so passionately against what they were
doing that he took action. That’s an understatement, he wrecked up the place, driving the people
out, and turning over the tables.
There are plenty of things in our world that cause us frustration, and give us that feeling that we
just have to do something or we’ll go crazy. Unfortunately most of them are fairly petty concerns
to do with work or similar, when in our world there are much bigger concerns to get frustrated
about. Poverty, curable diseases running rampant, children as young as seven being sold into
sexual slavery. Surely that’s worth shouting about, worth getting frustrated about, worth tipping
over some tables about?
Just please don’t punch anyone!
Kieran Woodward – Assistant Leader King’s Lynn Baptist Church

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