A change of heart brings changed lives

We all have a biological heart which constantly pumps blood and oxygen
around our bodies to keep us alive.
We also have another ‘heart’ that is at the centre of our being. This nonbiological
heart is sometimes referred to as our spiritual heart and influences the
person we are and is responsible for the way we feel towards others and towards ourselves.
Our spiritual heart can hold a range of emotions such as love, concern, sympathy, sadness and our need to belong, but can also harbour negative and sinful attitudes like bitterness, anger, hate and unforgiveness. Such negative attitudes often put us at enmity with others.
The Bible tells us that God knows the content of our spiritual heart, whether we have space and time for God and others, or whether we deny everything about God and give no consideration to our creator.
Jesus tells us that our natural hearts are alienated towards God and because of this, God has promised to give a new heart and a new spirit to everyone who calls on Him in repentance and belief in His Son Jesus.
With a God given new heart (that only God can give), our lives will see a change
that we didn’t think was possible as we begin to show greater kindness and
compassion towards others.
We should all take a few minutes to examine the contents of our spiritual heart
and if we find no space in our lives for God, it may be time to consider a change
of direction and a brand new start.
Geoff Duncombe
The Gateway Church, King’s Lynn