The Enemy Is Our Superiority.

The Enemy Is Our Superiority

Thank you for your love which contributes towards the functioning of society. Your love contributes towards our realisation of the wholeness of everything and everyone (God the Father), the wholesomeness of everything and everyone (God the Son) and the harmony of everything and everyone (God the Holy Spirit). But we frequently get things wrong.
Because God is so high above us, the first step to love is to acknowledge our faults and change. Jesus started his ministry by calling for repentance because our love starts with being wrong.
One of the greatest wrongs down through history has been a conscious or subconscious desire for superiority. Examples of manmade disasters caused by the desire for superiority include the First World War, the holocaust and extremism. In true Christianity we give away to God our desire for superiority. Because I believe in the mercy of God I am pleased to tell you that I made an inadvertent error in my last ‘Thought for the Week’ in December. When writing about the book ‘The Meaning of Blue’ by Luke Bell OSB I wrote that blue is the colour you get when you look towards the light. In fact the book says: ‘Blue is dark seen from light. It is therefore the colour of the light-filled, the spiritually realised’.
The Infinite Joy of Repentance.
What value my dreams?
In a history of dreams;
In a history of conflict,
That symptom of failed repentance,
In an ocean of dreams.

If I could dream God’s dream
I would dream of repentance.
Of sin rejected;
Of naked humility;
Of Christ crucified;
Of your good dreams fulfilled
In forgiveness and prayer.

Then my dreams are our dreams;
A shared consciousness;
An ocean of dream;
An ocean of repentance.

Then Lord we invite you into our lives,
Where gently, repeatedly, you wash in;
As waves wash the seashore;
As truth repeatedly corrects;
Washing the spirit
In waves of repentance.

An ocean of repentance
Becomes an ocean of faith.
An ocean of faith
Becomes the kingdom of God,
Just as Jesus said it would.

What value my story now?
Since we bought your eternity
With our repentance
And we paid with the life of Christ.

Your love became our life;
My story became our story;
My isolation became our joy;
My ignorance became our knowledge;
My grief became our creativity,
In the infinite joy of repentance.

Peter Coates,
Secretary CTKL

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