Oh no it isn’t!

Oh no it isn’t! Rev John Belfield, Catholic Church, King’s Lynn

Well, Christmas is over, fight in the sales, take down the decorations and look for the Easter eggs!
Or perhaps shop for discounted Christmas cards and wrapping paper for next year first!
Oh and find a way to get rid of all that wrapping paper and packaging. Put away unwanted presents for a future raffle. Anyone for turkey AGAIN!

Why is it over so quickly? It took ages to get ready. Credit cards to pay off. Was it worth it? It’s over the next day and everything seems so gloomy and depressing. What with the rain, cold and the thought of work again.

Well, if that sounds like you I am sorry for you. You have missed the point.

It doesn’t have to be about being religious. This time of year is a time for everyone of whatever faith or none to look at friends families and neighbours in a different light. To spend time thinking how to make others and yourself happy in a different way. Different because most of the world is doing it at the same time. People greet each other, sometimes complete strangers, with ‘Happy Christmas’. There are more smiles. Sending cards to folk you rarely see. In the writing you are thinking of them – you may not have done so since you wrote them a card last year, but you are thinking od them now.

Getting ready should be a build up of anticipation for the fun day. Like getting ready to go on a holiday you have been waiting for, for ages. Enjoy the moment. Make it last as long as possible. Hang on to the warmth and friendships.

Christmas isn’t over yet. Christmas Day is, but the celebration goes on. If we let it. In fact there is no reason why the heart of it – the celebration of peace, joy and love should not be a daily part of our lives. Many of us try to live like that and share it with others outside of our circle of friends and family. If you don’t then its not too late to start.

Many organisations in West Norfolk are looking for volunteers and supporters. There are so many ways the spirit of Christmas can be shared every day of the year. We just have to want it to.

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