If you want to walk on water…

Hanseatic water ski racing
I love the growing numbers of events in West Norfolk that are putting us on the map. The Hanseatic water-ski racing is a great example. Thousands watched those men and women roar past on water-skis at speeds approaching 100mph. I snuck up to the end of the quay to watch them round the corner, perilously close to the jetty. Before a race commenced, the racers had to get out of the boat at the start line and be ready to be towed on their skis.
That reminds me of the great story of Peter walking on water in the gospels. Jesus had walked on the sea of Galilee to approach the boat the 12 disciples were in. Peter saw Him and asked if he could come to Jesus on the water. Jesus beckoned him and so Peter got out of the boat to walk to Jesus. While his gaze was on Jesus he was fine. As soon he looked at the waves, he started to sink. He cried out to Jesus who gentled chided his lack of faith and lifted him back up. It was a life changing moment!
It’s a great story – I believe in miracles, so I do believe it really happened. But I also believe the story makes some important points about life too!
Firstly God calls us. There’s always a call. God calls ordinary people like Peter, who at that stage was what you might call a proper wally.
Secondly there is always fear. God asks us to do impossible things that have an element of fear in them – usually the things God asks us to do have three stages – impossible, difficult and done. He does that because he wants us to rely on Him to do it in and through us. We have to overcome the fear in God’s strength. If you want to walk on water you have got to get out of the boat.
Thirdly there is assurance of God’s presence in the task and power to get it done.
Fourthly there is always a decision – 11 disciples stayed in the boat, only one got out!
Lastly there’s a changed life. When we do what God wants us to, we won’t get it all right, but we will learn, grow and have some adventures along the way! How does God want you to walk on water?

Andy Moyle, The Gateway Church

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