Such an amazing promise!

There is an age old saying that tells us never to talk about Religion and politics, unless the company we are with share the same persuasion.
Yet these two subjects along with sport, are probably the most talked about and argued over topics of discussion we have today. The word ‘religion’ includes many different and diverse faiths, beliefs, customs and cultures, each having very little in common with the others.
Because religion is a man-made concept, we have a whole spectrum of disparate beliefs that only brings confusion to a world seeking to find the truth.

So how can we tell the true from the false; the genuine from the counterfeit; How can we follow God’s perfect plan for sinful man? Christians believe that there is only one true God who has revealed himself through his only Son Jesus, and it is only through Jesus that sinful man can be reconciled to God.
So what is it about Jesus that is so compelling to many, yet so offensive to others? With Jesus everything is clear-cut, without ambiguity or
confusion; we are either with Him or against Him. His words enable us to know exactly where we stand in relation to God. Jesus told us many things, but He never told his disciples to be religious or to follow a religion, but Jesus just invited them to believe and to follow Him; and for those who do choose to follow Jesus, he gave this amazing promise.

“This is the will of My Father, that everyone who beholds the Son and believes in Him will have eternal life, and I Myself will raise him up on the last day”. What an amazing promise this is! Christians will never stop talking about Jesus, because they just want to share this amazing life-changing news with everybody.

Geoff Duncombe
The Gateway Church, King’s Lynn

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