Have you been watching Britain’s Got Talent? I think this series has even more variety than usual. That’s why I love BGT – it’s not just singing, it has magicians, hula hooping, roller skaters, singing dogs and even a hypnotic dog! What I’ve enjoyed most have been all the dance acts. People of all ages from children to older people have come to dance in all kinds of different ways. The two dancers that have stayed in my mind most were two separate young lads, who performed on their own and each danced in their own unique way to express themselves.
It reminded me that we can express ourselves in so many ways, not just with words. I’ve been thinking recently that I’d like to find new ways to pray. Praying is simply talking to God and it isn’t about being ‘holy’. I usually talk to God out loud throughout the day but, inspired by these young dancers on BGT, I want to use other ways to express myself to God. I found an art book of intricate patterns praising God which I’ve really enjoyed colouring and listening to music helps me too. I’m trying to look for God and pray in the everyday things like playing with my puppy or holding him when he’s all sleepy! God knows what’s on our hearts already so sometimes a wave or a huge smile whilst dancing to S Club 7 is enough!

Laura Baker
Curate of King’s Lynn Minster

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