God Delusion

there_is_a_godIn his best-selling book, “The God Delusion,” (2006), Richard Dawkins sets out his reasons why belief in God is ridiculous and irrational. Whilst the book’s popularity evinces that many concur, for me and two billion others across the globe, the God of the Bible, who became man in the person of Jesus Christ, is still very much alive, real and at work for good in the lives of those who let Him in.
I admire those people who, instead of dismissing God outright, take time to explore and question for themselves – those who are unsure, yet open-minded enough to ask the questions, brave the outcome. Many agnostics have set out to disprove God (C.S. Lewis perhaps the most well-known) and found themselves, instead, enjoying a life-giving relationship with the very God they were convinced did not exist.
So what stops people, what makes them so sure it’s all a delusion? Suffering and evil? What if our very ability to recognise and categorise these ills point to a God-given intuition that things should be better (as there were once at Creation and will be again in heaven)? The inability to ‘prove’ God exists? Fair, but if we could weigh, measure, see, touch and categorise God, then we would be denied the joy of learning to grow our faith and trust in Him. Christians who give God a bad name? Guilty…we are not perfect and make mistakes, sometimes big ones, as we learn and change and grow.
We understand your doubts. We have them ourselves at times. But don’t let them stop you coming, don’t let them stop you asking. Visit some churches, do some internet searches, ‘grill’ a friendly Christian – but, whatever you do, if there is even the tiniest question in your mind that God might actually be real and want a relationship with you, don’t let the questions go unasked!
Georgina Tennant
King’s Lynn Christian Fellowship

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