Hope For The New Year

New Year Wallpaper.
At the start of every new year we have new hopes, dreams, plans and ideas for the coming twelve months. What hopes do you have for the year ahead?
Most of us hope the new year will bring better things than we had last year, or the year before. Will the new year bring new friends, a better job, prosperity and more happiness? Or if we are realistic, the year will probably bring the same loneliness, struggles and even more hardship. If the past few years are a guide, the coming year probably won’t be any different. But things need not be like this!

A couple of weeks ago we were in the middle of our Christmas celebrations; a time when the birth of Jesus was remembered. This birth was not just any birth but a very special birth when God’s only Son was born among us and whose life began an amazing series of historical events that changed the world and is still impacting peoples lives today.

Can the events of the first Christmas affect your hopes for the coming year? – Yes. Because of Christmas we can celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and because of Jesus Christ we can have hope; because Jesus came to give hope to those without hope, to give comfort to those in despair and healing for the broken-hearted. Why not find out more about the hope that Jesus has for everyone, including you. You can do this by contacting a local christian church, where you will be given a
friendly welcome by those who have already found hope in Jesus that lasts year after
Geoff Duncombe
The Gateway Church, King’s Lynn

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