So what was it really like for Jesus?

If you’re like me, you can sometimes just focus on the big picture without really thinking about the detail of the Christmas story. One song contains the lines “The more I hear the story told the more amazed I am”. It goes on to say, “The One in whom we live and move in swaddling cloths lies bound; the voice that cried ‘let there be light!’ asleep without a sound; the One who strode among the stars and called each one by name lies helpless in a mother’s arms and must learn to walk again”. Jesus was a real baby. He had to be looked after. He had to learn to speak, to walk, to read. Jesus didn’t just appear in His early thirties from nowhere – He grew up from being a baby.

Jesus existed before the creation of the world. In fact, everything was created through Him and yet he chose to become a human being. As another song has it, “Humbly He came to the world He created”. The Message Bible describes it as “an incredibly humbling process”. But let’s not stay at Christmas. What did Jesus do when He got older? Well, he went to a brutal death in which he took the punishment for my sins and your sins. That was the reason He came. Why? Because He loves you and me more than we can begin to imagine and He wants us to know Him. Will you come and worship Jesus this Christmas?

Andy Osborne
King’s Lynn Christian Fellowship

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