Peace on Earth

Whitney-Ferguson-riot-gear-Ferguson-NYTWhen we watch the current TV news we might be tempted to think “I wish!”, or “What a hope!” but, according to the Bible, the birth of Jesus was accompanied by a promise of “peace on earth”.
Could there perhaps be a kind of peace that does not depend on the absence of war and violence? Some might wish to stay indoors and disconnect the TV, but I wasn’t thinking of any form of escape! The Bible promises “the peace of God that transcends all understanding”. I believe that it means a peace of mind irrespective of the surrounding circumstances.
Many years ago I was walking home from primary school on a snowy day, along with a crowd of other lads, some on each side of the road, when a snowball fight started between the opposite “armies”. The groups grew smaller as the boys turned off towards their respective homes, but my side decreased faster until I was left alone, heavily outnumbered. I felt scared – it just wasn’t fair; but suddenly my Dad appeared and caught me up (he too walked home for lunch). With my Dad beside me I now felt secure and all my fear was gone.
The Bible portrays God as a devoted Father who delights in the wellbeing of His children, and who wants a personal relationship with us; so getting to know Him, through Jesus, could produce that special kind of “peace on earth”. It already has for many people, myself included.

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