A song I can learn

piano playing
“But I’ll never be able to play that!” Trayson wails, pointing emphatically to his music. “I don’t even know what that sideways “V” means!”

“That sideways ‘V’ is an accent mark,” I tell my young piano student. “It says to play with extra force. Listen.” I perform the measure, giving the accented note more muscle. “You’re so strong, I know you can do that.”

Trayson sits up straighter. “I am pretty strong,” he admits. He now attacks the accented notes, and before long has it mastered.

That night, I mentally replay the conversation and laugh. Don’t my piano students realize I know their exact capabilities and weaknesses? I taught them everything they know about piano. Why do they think they know better than me? Why do they assume they will fail? As their teacher, I would never give him any song too hard to learn.

Like a sforzando, an unexpected note that sings out of nowhere, God speaks to my heart. And how are you any different? He whispers. I know you intimately. I created you. I see the big picture, yet you insist you know better. Trust me, my precious one, I would never give you a song you couldn’t learn.

In the music of my life, I pray I never look at a problem and tell God it’s too much. As the master conductor, all beautiful melodies come from Him, perfectly orchestrated to my abilities and spiritual heartbeat. After all, He only gives me songs I can learn.

–Crystal Kupper, The Gateway Church

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