Door of Hope

Door of hopeAs I write this, the sun has just come out after a heavy downpour (another one!). There are bulbs poking out of the soaked ground and tiny buds appearing on the trees – surely spring is getting closer. There is something very hope inspiring about spring. Dark nights start giving way to light evenings and summer feels not so far away! Life can feel very dark at times and we desperately want to see the sunshine again. I don’t know what difficulties you are facing right now, maybe you feel you have lost hope. There is a verse in the Bible where God says “I will turn your valley of trouble into a door of hope”. However dark our lives may feel, God offers us hope. What is this hope? Not a vague wish that something will change, but the expectation of good. We read in the Bible that God says that he has plans for us, plans to give us a hope and a future. This world we live in doesn’t offer us much hope. The saying goes that there are no certainties in life except death and taxes! In a world of uncertainty the Bible talks about hope being an anchor – something to keep us secure in the midst of the storm. Where do we find this hope? Only in Jesus. He is the One who promises us hope for this life and for eternity. Meet Him at a church near you!

Wendy Hill
King’s Lynn Christian Fellowship

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