A message of hope

A Message of hope
Our present generation differs so much from previous generations in the way of communication. A few decades ago we relied on the Royal Mail delivery service or we used landline telephones to contact people. How different it is today with so many choices in instant communication. We can use mobiles, email, texts, and social media sites to communicate whatever we want, whenever we want and to whoever we want. It also gives the freedom for others to
contact us if they have a message to send.
For any communication to be successfully delivered, the recipient must first open the message and then read it. You may be surprised to hear that someone beyond the limits of our world has been communicating with people throughout every generation for thousands of years. So how easy is it to receive this communication and to understand it? The message is from God and is about a free gift together with many promises that come with that gift. God foretold about the wonderful gift of Jesus to all mankind who was born on the first Christmas day and grew up to to communicate a tremendous message of love, forgiveness and hope for everyone. But as with all communication, this has to be received and opened to find out exactly what God is saying.
God has arranged for His communication to be written down for us in the bible, but don’t worry if you haven’t got one because it is now easily accessible on your smart phone or tablet. A good place to start is in John’s gospel chapter 3. Will you open God’s communicated message for you today and join with many others
whose lives have been completely changed.

Geoff Duncombe
The Gateway Church Kings Lynn

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