What will be your response?

Thought for the Week John Cairns, King’s Lynn Catholic Church

Some people with families, facing redundancy and other crises, have to rely for emergency help on food banks, not just in King’s Lynn, but throughout the country.

It is difficult to convince some people of the extent of these problems. Jesus, in his story of the rich man and the beggar Lazarus, condemns the rich man for ignoring the plight of the beggar. When he is asked ‘Who is my neighbour?’ he replies with the story of the good Samaritan (a name used by a last resort organisation).

Perhaps we expect the government with its various social agencies to do too much. Christians have not waited on state help. Believing that each human being is of inestimable value, Frederic Ozanam founded the Society of St Vincent Paul in 1833 to help the poor of Paris, thus inspiring others to serve the poor throughout the world. His work continues to this day.

In India Mother Teresa’s task was overwhelming. Single handed, with no money, she helped  the poor, starving, and dying struggling in India. Mother Teresa was confident that God would provide, he did. Again, her example and work carry on and inspire others.

What is our response?


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