Don’t worry, Be Happy

Twenty percent of us take time off from work every year for stress and five million in the UK admit to being stressed. When Jesus commands us not worry about our life, especially money, food, clothes and health – he is not just singing a first century version of “Don’t worry, Be Happy”. He is cutting right to the heart of our everyday lives.

He is being pretty radical too – He is telling us that we get stressed and overwork because we are living like little gods, who feel the burden for providing for ourselves. We were created to need to stop to eat and sleep and rest one day a week – but our 24-7 lifestyles are a form of idolatry. When we worry, we are showing we don’t think God will take care of us and that we are in fact little gods.

As Jerusalem businessmen worked at selling their wares and the priests worked at their religion and housewives worked at cleaning and shopping and cooking, Jesus died on the cross crying “It is finished”. He worked on our behalf to give us forgiveness. So we don’t have to work our way to heaven.

Will you confess you are too busy? Your worrying on God’s behalf and trust Him instead? Will you trust God to be God and just be happy to be His creature? He promises to give us rest from weariness and burdens and give is a light and easy yoke for life. Trust Him – He will deliver you from worry and stress

Andy Moyle (The Gateway Church)
Unashamedly adapted from Phil Moore’s Brilliant book Gagging Jesus (well worth buying from

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