Bringing the Nations Together

The horrific attack on a soldier in Woolwich and subsequent protests by the English Defence League was an attempt to drive a wedge between races. That wedge has been around since the Tower of Babel in Old Testament times.

The tower of Babel is a fascinating narrative – human pride and rejection of God meant those early peoples were trying to build a tower to be as high as God. So God separated them into different people groups and languages to thwart their plan. We often call that the curse of Babel. That curse was reversed when Jesus died on the cross, rose again and sent the Holy Spirit to dwell in believers. At Pentecost, when the early believers first spoke in tongues – the nations around could understand the good news of the gospel in their own language!

The gospel is wonderfully unifying – Paul wrote there is neither Greek nor Jew – all are one in Christ, the dividing wall of hostility has been broken down by Jesus. The Church is made up of different nations, one in their faith in Christ! The wedge has gone – indeed we are delighted in our church to have over nine nations represented. It makes for some great food evenings!

Don’t let the extremists create a wedge between cultures, but recognise that ultimately only Christ can bring us together

Andy Moyle
The Gateway Church

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