River of life


In my many trips to the Amazon churches in Brazil I have heard many stories. One that I am reminded of at Easter is the story of a missionary visiting a new tribe who lived on land almost totally surrounded by fast flowing rivers.
The tribe believed the river was the home of evil spirits and although an epidemic was raging through the tribe they would not cross the river for fear, to get help.
The missionary had to find a way to get them to medical help and so as they watched him as he waded out into the river. They would not follow him. He dived under the waters and swam emerging by the bank on the other side. Lifting his arms he cried “Come on”.
Seeing he had discredited their fears, they cheered and followed him through the waters. The great news of Easter is that Jesus went through the river of death, submerging into it, crossing over it and rising again on the other side. Romans 6:11. Easter proves Jesus is the resurrection and the life, he kicked the ends out of the grave and turned a dead end street into a highway to heaven for all who will trust and follow him. Happy Easter.

Paul Randerson, Senior Pastor
Kings Lynn Christian Fellowship

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