Newday 2012 Mainstage

A Tale of Two festivals

Newday 2012 Mainstage
Newday 2012 Evening meeting
Urine filled bottles were thrown at Cher Lloyd at the V-festivals, where two young people also died in suspicious circumstances. Meanwhile that same week 7,000 young people and their youth leaders gathered for the week long Newday event at the Norwich showground. At that festival hundreds of young people became Christians and many were healed.

I took my young children for their first experience and they were literally gobsmacked as they saw the young man, who had been standing 50 feet from us in the nearby signing area, go on stage after prayer, pull out his hearing aids and have a conversation with the speaker without them! That 21year old had been profoundly deaf from birth – you could hear that from his speech. Medically verified healings from previous years are viewable here

What a difference between the two festivals! Jesus Christ changes lives. There were no deaths, suspicious or otherwise, or urine filled bottles thrown at mainstage and yet there were thousands of young people jumping up down to some very loud music, listening to pretty inspired teaching, responding in their hundreds to serve God and going out in the afternoons to clear gardens and paint fences in some of the deprived parts of Norwich. The local councillor and MP came on mainstage one evening to thank the young people for all they had done to make a difference. I’m pretty sure that didn’t happen at the V-festivals.

Christianity isn’t dull and boring and only for the older generation. It’s vibrant, exciting and awe inspiring. My nine year olds saw God at work in miraculous ways, healing people and changing destinies for the better. That’s not brainwashing or forcing it down their throats! They saw firsthand miracles and told me “That was awesome”. If you need healing, there are Christians at the Vancouver Centre bandstand every Tuesday morning 10-12noon happy to pray for you. And if you need life change, then why not check out one of the local churches this Sunday morning. lists them all.

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